Who called you from 2132667128 ?

+1 213-266-7128 fixed or mobile line United States, California

2132667128 Ratings

  • 106x negative
  • 2x neutral

2132667128 Categories

  • 27x Nuisance call
  • 10x Unsolicited call
  • 8x Silent call
  • 6x Telemarketer
  • 5x Scam call
  • 1x Financial services
  • 1x Call centre
Phone number 2132667128 has negative rating. We have 108 ratings and reviews for this phone number. 106 users marked it with negative rating and 2 users with neutral rating. Phone number should be fixed or mobile line. Possible phone number formats are
  • +1 213-266-7128
  • ,
  • 001213-266-7128
  • ,
  • (213) 266-7128
  • ,
  • 213-266-7128
  • ,
  • +12132667128
  • ,
  • tel:+1-213-266-7128
  • ,
  • +1 2132667128
  • ,
  • 2132667128

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Nuisance call reported by No espanol

I don't speak spanish..

Silent call reported by 68.26.22.xxx

scam marketer

Nuisance call reported by AV

nuisance call

Nuisance call reported by zg

Spanish automatic message

Nuisance call reported by bk

Spanish robocall

spoke Spanish, called two times. (Robocall) reported by Genneviere

Never signed up for anything Spanish in my life, and call was obviously robo'd.

Telemarketer reported by 70.211.129.xxx

스페니쉬 텔레마케터

Silent call reported by 66.214.35.xxx

no message, bad news

Nuisance call reported by 97.32.15.xxx

keeps calling

in Spanish telemarketer (Telemarketer) reported by 64.125.193.xxx

DO NOT ANSWER, simply block this number

Nuisance call reported by 209.49.250.xxx

no idea who it is

Unsolicited call reported by 66.87.119.xxx

don't answer

It was in Spanish. I don't know what they were saying. (Robocall) reported by Kelly

They did have press 1 and 2 options, but neither was press X for English.

Nuisance call reported by caro

left no message

Other reported by 134.67.29.xxx

The Robocall transferred me to Maria from the solar system initi (Telemarketer) reported by Rose

The robocall transferred me to Maria from the Solar System Initiative. She kept asking if I was a homeowner, I asked what company she was calling from and she said the solar system initiative and ask her the state in which they were located, she got very agitated and started telling me that she had 100 calls waiting for her and if I wasn't a homeowner to help me it was best to hang up. When I informed her she was calling a business, she hang up the phone. She was extremely rude and a horrible telemarketer.

Telemarketer reported by Spanish

in Spanish

in spanish-dont know what was said (Robocall) reported by nope

robocal in spanish.couldn't understand most of it.?

Silent call reported by 65.174.45.xxx

Telemarketer reported by 24.223.81.xxx

student loan refinance solucitor

Scam call reported by vlmd

Scammer at work
1 month ago

Unsolicited call reported by Anonymous

Unwanted caller
1 month ago

Unsolicited call reported by k

this was in my contacts list?!
1 month ago

Nuisance call reported by 138.229.145.xxx

selling something
1 month ago

Telemarketer reported by KP

Robocall in Spanish. I don't even speak Spanish so I have no idea what the call is about.
1 month ago

Telemarketer reported by 68.189.8.xxx

in spanish
1 month ago

Telemarketer reported by mui

unsolicited unwanted nuisance
1 month ago

Telemarketer speaking Spanish (Telemarketer) reported by 73.231.206.xxx

1 month ago

Nuisance call reported by MJD

spanish speaking
1 month ago

Call centre reported by 70.209.195.xxx

Robocaller leaves voicemail in Spanish. Google translates the message as: Good electrical meter. 8400371165. We will be installing a smart monitor meter to be (?) All your electricity consumption. This is our last attempt to get in touch with you so you can get your current bill for May sixteen percent this year for electricity. Press one to get information on alternatives and avoid raising the sixteen percent rate. Press one now to confirm your position in the program before the alternative program ends. This is our last attempt to get in touch with you. Press one to talk to a specialist about the options to audit the smart me ....

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