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+1 239-541-6800 fixed or mobile line United States, Florida
97 % negative
61 % Telemarketer
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Phone number 2395416800 has negative rating. We have 36 ratings and 35 reviews for this phone number. 35 users marked it with negative rating and single user with neutral rating. This phone number is marked as 22x Telemarketer, 5x Scam call, 3x Silent call, 3x Nuisance call, 3x Unsolicited call.

Approximated caller location is CAPE CORAL, LEE, Florida. ZIP code is 33990. It's registered in EMBARQ FLORIDA, INC.. Phone number should be fixed or mobile line. Possible phone number formats are +1 239-541-6800, 001239-541-6800, (239) 541-6800, 239-541-6800, +12395416800, tel:+1-239-541-6800, +1 2395416800, 2395416800.

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Reviews for phone number 2395416800

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Telemarketer reported by Frazzled

going by your replies.

Telemarketer reported by Heather

Heather from acct. services

Unknown (Scam call) reported by Conservative White Male

Credit Card Scam. Hope they have a very bad day.

Telemarketer reported by 24.49.197.xx

no thanks.................

Unsolicited call reported by why

Unsure of category, no one at number

Telemarketer reported by

block this call

Telemarketer reported by Patheos

called and left no message. when called back its always busy.

Silent call reported by Nick

No one says anything, I hung up & rejected

Telemarketer reported by

This is a telemarketer with a robocall.

Telemarketer reported by 172.56.4.xx

disruption l

Nuisance call reported by P.J.


Scam call reported by SammyJ

Heather will never stop calling

Scam call reported by Cat

General rule-When we have to say "Hello?" 2 times before we can get a response from an area code we do not normally get calls from? It's a computer calling us, connecting when we pick up and waiting for us to speak, then transfers the call to the robo scammer or person scammer, who then gets the go ahead to start their scam speech or questions after we say "Hello?" again. If I accidentally answer the phone, then see I do not know the number, I either wait in silence or just hang up. Sometimes the scamming computer dialing system has already transferred you to a live person who will wait a few seconds in silence with you. Then the scammer will say whomever's name is their target orjust hello for a response. Tell them to remove your number from their list and they do not have your permission to give or sell your information to anyone else. Me? I just do not answer any calls if I do not recognize the number. I have started calling them back before I block them, though. When you call back, some give an automated message like "This phone number is no longer in service," hoping you will hang up...don't. The message may pause (waiting to see if you will hang up) then tell you to press whatever if you wish to be removed from their call list. This is new. Not many know about it so I wanted to mention it as well. Happy blocking!

Telemarketer reported by 108.73.176.xx

called me twice. telemarketer

Not given (Nuisance call) reported by Karen

This seems to be about lowering interest rate on a credit card. Not possible to ever talk to a person. They offer to have my number on a DNC list, but I am already on that, so obviously that is not real. They say this is the absolute last reminder that I am going to get from them. I wish!

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