Who called you from 4422826026 ?

+1 442-282-6026 fixed or mobile line
100 % negative
39 % Telemarketer

Phone number 4422826026 has negative rating. We have 31 ratings and 29 reviews for this phone number. 31 users marked it with negative rating. This phone number is marked as 12x Telemarketer, 8x Scam call, 4x Unsolicited call, 4x Nuisance call, 2x Silent call, 1x Service.

Phone number should be fixed or mobile line. Possible phone number formats are +1 442-282-6026, 001442-282-6026, (442) 282-6026, 442-282-6026, +14422826026, tel:+1-442-282-6026, +1 4422826026, 4422826026.

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Reviews for phone number 4422826026

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Scam call reported by DoubleT

Car Warranty Scam. BLOCKED!

Unsolicited call reported by indigo

scam/unsolicited call

Telemarketer reported by 107.77.172.xx

Stopped in their tracks, yay!

Scam call reported by doug

scam call do not answer

Unsolicited call reported by Kevin

Hangs up before you can answer

Telemarketer reported by jbird2

another telemarketer. one of thousands I'm sure.

Palm Desert, CA +1(442)282-6026 (Unsolicited call) (Nuisance call) reported by Jos

Called twice and left no message. I didn't pick up the call but received another the same day from another CA number and it was silent. Im on the East Coast so not sure who it is. But don't answer in case it is a recording for your voice. Other CA number is (213) 395-9099.

Palm Desert, CA +1(442)282-6026 (Unsolicited call) reported by Neen

phone rang twice and stopped no msg left

Telemarketer reported by bigMike

final notice of vehicle warranty expiration scam

No clue (Scam call) reported by Mike Phi

Has called me 3x, no voicemail. When calling back the only option is "press 9 to be put on a do not call list". Then it disconnects after 1 second

Telemarketer reported by ahole

bad call is bad mkay

Silent call reported by noname

The called I declined they called right back I picked up they hung up I left them a nasty text starring im on the do not call list they have not called or texted me back.

Telemarketer reported by


Silent call reported by Chad

Silent call

Telemarketer reported by wmc

warranty sales

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