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+1 850-583-9231 fixed or mobile line United States, Florida
100 % negative
100 % Scam call
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Phone number 8505839231 has negative rating. We have single rating and review for this phone number. Single user marked it with negative rating. This phone number is marked as 1x Scam call.

Approximated caller location is PENSACOLA, ESCAMBIA, Florida. ZIP code is 32505. It's registered in BANDWIDTH.COM CLEC, LLC - FL. Phone number should be fixed or mobile line. Possible phone number formats are +1 850-583-9231, 001850-583-9231, (850) 583-9231, 850-583-9231, +18505839231, tel:+1-850-583-9231, +1 8505839231, 8505839231.

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credit repair scam (Scam call) reported by Hate These Calls

Called my DNC registered landline (also private/unlisted number), I only picked up because of the local number and city/state info. The caller ID displayed only the number 850-583-9231 and Tallahassee, FL. I said hello, and after a slight delay I was connected to an agent over a distorted, static, and hard to hear line. The agent never identified themselves or the company name. They went straight into a credit repair sales pitch. I told them I was not interested and to take me off their list. He kept asking if I was the person he asked for, I wouldn't confirm or deny and kept repeating my request and got rude, agitated and eventually hung up on me. A Google search returned no matches to any legitimate business and had several conflicting white pages match to my city. It also matched to the notorious Hodges Directory. This a credit scam and they are spoofing local numbers.

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