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+1 201-285-1836 fixed or mobile line United States, New Jersey
98 % negative
59 % Telemarketer
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Phone number 2012851836 has negative rating. We have 99 ratings and 97 reviews for this phone number. 97 users marked it with negative rating and 2 users with neutral rating. This phone number is marked as 58x Telemarketer, 14x Nuisance call, 14x Unsolicited call, 8x Scam call, 3x Silent call, 2x Company.

Approximated caller location is NEWARK, ESSEX, New Jersey. ZIP code is 07105. It's registered in CTC COMMUNICATIONS CORP., DBA CT COMM CORP-NJ. Phone number should be fixed or mobile line. Possible phone number formats are +1 201-285-1836, 001201-285-1836, (201) 285-1836, 201-285-1836, +12012851836, tel:+1-201-285-1836, +1 2012851836, 2012851836.

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Reviews for phone number 2012851836

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No Name - Only Number (Telemarketer) reported by SFD Dispatcher

I ignored the call - No Voicemail left - Now Blocked

Telemarketer reported by teejg

Thanks Should I Answer for 78 reviews

Home Solar (Telemarketer) reported by NoName

Rude people, do not pick up.

Company reported by Jay

solar company

Telemarketer reported by wood

calls all the time and hangs up

None given (Nuisance call) reported by Emma

Silence for about half a minute then hung up on me.

Scam call reported by fu

no message left

Telemarketer reported by 70.210.133.xx


Telemarketer reported by Kathy

solar company

Unsolicited call reported by TMD

Multiple calls sometimes 2-3 times a day no message

Telemarketer reported by 76.14.91.xx

calls and calls no message

Called from New Jersey (Scam call) reported by May

My phone just ring, I know it is not a good call, I did not pick it up.

Telemarketer reported by bub

solar sales


yes solar sales

Unsolicited call reported by chele

Home Solar Systems


I told him to remove my number because I was on the "Do Not Call" list, and the his reply was NO. So I blocked the number.


I just received a call from this # 201-285-1836 from New Jersey. I know it's a bad call, so I didn't pick it up.

Home Solar (Telemarketer) reported by Rich

Called home & cell several times, voice mail picked up, no message left.

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