This scammer database will save you time and money

We improved our scammer database“Hi, I’m John Smith from the Bother-Them-Till-They-Die-Company, didn’t I catch you at a wrong time?” Uh. Yes, John. Yes, you did.

According to rumours, there really are some people who enjoy speaking with telemarketers, phone scammers or even with robocallers. However, we don’t know anyone like this. People around us usually prefer not to be bothered by anyone - especially when these botherers misuse something so personal as our phone number.

However, telemarketers and phone scammers are more and more resourceful and it’s getting harder to avoid them completely. Even most spam blockers are not able to recognize all spam and nuisance calls when incoming - it’s, unfortunately, because telemarketers and scammers are always one step further.

But let’s end this complaining, since we have great news for you :-) We were thinking what to do to protect you against nuisance calls more efficiently than before. And here is what we came to.

Scammer database: improved and ready to use

We're happy to introduce you the whole new database of (almost) all spam and telemarketing calls ever made. It consists of:


All numbers reported to Do Not Call Registry


All numbers reported to Federal Communication Commision


All community reviews from the Should I Answer App and from our website


Every day, only Should I Answer users write around 18 000 new reviews of phone calls. And, daily, there are more than 10 000 reported numbers through Do Not Call Registry and Federal Communication Commision.


So what does it mean? The Should I Answer scammer database of possible spam and fraud numbers grows every day by 30 000 reviews and reports! And now you can use it for your own good. The anti scammer database will protect you every day

How to use the database?

Want to profit from this growing scammer database? It’s easy and, what’s more, if you're using our website or the Android app, it’s free. (About how does the iOS app work, you can read here.) The only thing you need is your mobile phone.

To get full protection against spam calls, download the Should I Answer App for iOS or for Android. Then the app itself will take care of your safety: whenever you receive a call from unknown number, the app look into the database and, if necessary, warns you before you answer the call. Or you can all negative and reported numbers completely block. Preventively.


(Not an Android user? Let’s check the new app for your iPhone)